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I'm Can, founder of

I first became involved in the travel business in 2009, after being recommended to do so by a close friend, who was a true veteran of the tourism sector. I did so with one objective in mind leaving my customers feeling happy and giving them a sense of satisfaction by the end of each tour. The main reason for this was that as an already seasoned traveler, I found it rare that a group tour offered by travel companies would satisfy me, and often found them lacking in how they would operate. At times it would be due to the hotel which I didn't like, or else the rushed feeling you got from the itinerary, which didn't leave much time for enjoying the places we would visit, as well as the way that I would often find myself to visit shops as part of the tour, even though I had no interest in them. Therefore when I got into the travel industry, I made it my mission to make these trips as customised as possible, to be able to suit every need and interest.

People think that tailor made trips must be expensive, however once I gained some experience in the business, I realised that that isn't necessarily so, and that they can easily be made to suit different budgets. This is why when we suggest an itinerary, we like to keep the choices of accommodation separate, this being one of the major costs to bear in mind whenever you wish to plan a trip. This allows you, when booking with us, to find a wide selection of different places to stay and remove that worry from your budget.

Another issue that travelers face is booking private tours, as the cost of hiring a guide, transfers and so on can really add up. For this reason, for travellers booking with us on a tighter budget, we can often book you into available group tours while continuing to provide you with the highest quality of service and providing you with more flexibility.

In short, regarding planning a trip while on a budget, we will do our best to provide the best possible plan, made specifically for you.

Even though a good itinerary and hotel are important things to think about, we realise that a good guide and make or break a good tour. For this reason, we have handpicked only the very best people, who have already worked with us for many years, people with the personality and knowledge of everything from History to Archaeology about the different parts of Turkey. We also allow you to personally choose which guide would be the perfect match for your trip whenever you book a tour.

We believe that every trip should provide you with an unforgettable experience and leave nothing up to chance, so why should you? Our experience and expert knowledge allow us to make sure you get the best possible accommodation, guides and excursions to suit everyone's personal taste and budget.

A passion for responsible travel.

Responsible travel means many things : actively seeking to preserve natural resources, supporting the local cultures and leaving a positive impact on the places we visit. We think of it as our personal mission to ensure we support these causes. Here are just a few of the steps we take :

• Making sure our hotels and resorts are local.

• Ensuring that our top recommended hotels meet the above criteria and share our passion for supporting the local environment.

• Encouraging local arts and crafts, alongside traditional, long forgotten trades. We therefore prioritise visits to local markets rather than big chains.

• We have gone paperless, and don't promote our business with paper made brochures or vouchers. All booking summaries are sent via Email along with a unique booking number, which you can use at all our hotel and tour reservations.

• We also support several Civil Society Organisations which share our passion for preserving nature, our historical and cultural heritage and women's rights in Turkey.

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