Travel Plans and Covid-19.

The pandemic has been a tough time for everybody, especially so for the travel industry.

We were lucky to be able to provide several small groups tours for  end of 2020.

These turned out to be longer term tours of between 10 and 14 days, and we found that with careful planning and management, they were able to all be a success. It seems, though, that 2021 will remain a challenging time for us due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Here are a few of the precautions which we took on our 2020 tours, which we shall maintain for the rest of 2021: 

Safe bookings : any booking cancelled due to regulations relating to the Covid-19 pandemic will be refunded in full, with the option to instead delay your trip till a later date.

Here are the Covid-19 safety precautions which Anatolia Tours will be taking in 2021 :

• Our guides and drivers are all tested for Covid-19 up to 4 days prior to every tour start date.

• We provide spacious vans for tours and transfers, allowing every passenger to have their own row.

• Our tour vans are equipped with masks, hand sanitizer, plastic gloves and a digital thermometer.

• We will deal with hotels that can provide Covid-19 safety certificates.

• Our on-call doctor is available for consultation, and in case of illness we shall provide our customers to the closest private hospital.

• Our local guides will make sure that each tour is planned carefully, giving priority to less crowded visiting times and locations for each area we visit.

• We shall require that each of our customers has full travel insurance.